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What is the Joint Health and
Safety Committee "Rules of Procedure" Generator?


The generator is a tool that allows you to generate up to five pages of Rules of Procedures custom branded for your company's Joint Health and Safety Committee.

The JHSC “Rules of Procedure” is a document containing the following rules for your company's committee.

  • Purpose of the Committee
  • Committee Membership
  • Co-chair Duties
  • Role of the members
  • Terms of Office
  • Duties and Functions of the Committee
  • Performing the Duties and Functions
  • Participation in investigations
  • Support for the Committee
  • Meetings
  • Time from work for committee functions
  • Agendas, Reports & Records of Committees
  • Educational Leave Entitlement

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3. Committee Membership

JHS Committees require at least 4 members.
There cannot be more employer representatives than worker representatives
There must be at least as many worker representatives as employer representatives.
It is recommended that committee elections take place at least once per year.
It is recommended that committee members do not hold the position indefinitely.

4. Meeting Details

JHS Committees must meet once a month. For example; the last Friday of the month, or First Wednesday of the month.

5. Document Placement

Records of meetings must be made available to all workers.

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